Dr. Molnar Biography

Dr. Molnar Biography

Dr. Molnar Biography, Learn more about Music Doctor Pro

Dr. Molnar Biography| Music Doctor Pro Background

  • 23 years teaching experience in music education.
  • Earned doctorate.
  • Classically trained and teaching all musical styles including: Pop, Jazz, Rock, and Classical music.
  • I provide piano lessons to beginners, intermediate, and advanced players,

“A great method presented incorrectly is not always well received. My goals are to help the student understand the entire keyboard, recognize notes fluently, including ledger line notes, recognize chords and be able to play them, understand tempo, meter signatures, key signatures, music terms, and improvise.”

“My method is classically based; however, I am not so stringent as to not introduce popular, jazz, and standards to my students. I feel all forms of music help develop certain technique, and I present music education in a fun and enthusiastic way.”


Dr. Molnar Biography

Dr. Molnar Biography – Learn More About the Music Doctor Pro, Hunterdon County’s Premier Private Piano Instructor

Dr. Molnar Biography:

Dr. Molnar was born on January 29, 1963 in Bronx, NY. He later moved to Northern NJ in 1970. Dr. Molnar began piano lessons on and off at the age of 7 until devoting full serious lessons at the age of 13. Dr. Molnar was head pianist for his high school chorus. He received the honor of Who’s Who in music in 1981 along with Who’s Who in High School.

Upon graduation, Dr. Molnar attended the West Chester University School of Music in West Chester, PA. He was very active in ensemble playing spending 4 years with the Golden Rams Marching Band and many different choirs; some of which he sang and others in which is was piano accompanist.

Dr. Molnar graduated in 1985 with a Bachelor’s degree in music education and state certification.He later moved back to New Jersey and began teaching music in public school.

Dr. Molnar obtained his masters in music from Montclair State College in Upper Montclair, NJ in 1993. He also holds a masters degree in educational administration from the College of New Jersey and a PhD in education from Walden University. Dr. Molnar has over 23 years of experience in the public schools.